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Sherbet Carb Cap Pendant Opal Explosion
Sherbet carb cap pendant with opal explosion. ..
Empire Glassworks Pokemon Rig
Empire Glassworks Pokemon rig.  2 chamber, Honeycomb and Perkyball diffusion.  Comes with ..
Katherman Pink Fumed Seascape Spoon
Paul Katherman pink with gold fumed seascape spoon.  ..
Mike Higgins Dalmation Hand Pipe
Dalmation hand pipe by Mike Higgins.  ..
Empire Glassworks Snoopy and Woodstock Rig
Empire Glassworks Snoopy and Woodstock rig.  Fly high with the Red Barron.  14mm. Reinforc..
Katherman Yellow, Silver fumed Seascape Spoon
Paul Katherman yellow seascape spoon.  Fumed with silver. ..
Sherbet Carb Cap Pendant
Sherbet carb cap pendant. Red horns with beautiful opal in the center of the pendant. ..
Chameleon Paw Print Hand Pipe
Paw Print hand pipe by Chameleon. ..

Docs Smokeshop