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Grav Helix Multi Bubbler 3-in-1
This smallish Bubbler does big things!  The Helix is known for it's tornado cooling for smooth,..
7 Pipe Replacement Glass for Mini Glass and Glass Blunt.
7 Pipe Replacement Glass for Mini Glass and Glass Blunt. Available in store or call 410-327-367..
SaleSheldon Black Concentrate Rig.
Multi part, Sheldon Black Concentrate Rig.  14mm male joint with 14mm female dome.  Remova..
$189.00 $113.40
SaleToro Macro XL Rig with Orange Lip Wrap.
Toro is one of the top pipe makers in the game!  Each piece is blown and created on our home so..
$339.00 $203.04
SaleHoney Supply Hexagon, Triple Honeycomb Percs, Water Pipe.
This Honey Supply Hexagon, Triple Perc Water Pipe is the definition of art meeting fusion.  13"..
$299.00 $179.40
SaleSheldon Black Straight Tube with Flyer Decals.
13" Sheldon Black Straight Tube.  18/14 reinforced, diffused downstem. 14mm Slide. Ice pinch. S..
$249.00 $174.30
SaleSheldon Black Shower to Honeycomb Water Pipe.
Sheldon Black shower head to honeycomb diffused water pipe.  10.5' tall. 14mm stemless joint. 1..
$345.00 $207.00
SaleSheldon Black Rig with Dome and Removable Mouthpiece.
Sheldon Black Concentrate Rig. 8 hole diffused, fixed downstem. 14mm joint and 14mm globe setup.&nbs..
$189.00 $132.30

Docs Smokeshop