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Big Z Opal Tech Rig
Big Z Opal Tech rig.  Slime green globe and mouth piece. Horn accents and fume. 14 mm. Shower p..
Darby Glass Mini Inline Rig
Darby Glass Mini inline Donut hole rig.  10 mill.  ..
Darby Glass Mini Inline Curved Neck Rig
Darby Glass. Mini donut rig.  10 mil. Inline with a curved neck, ..
Micro Nectar Collector
Kit Includes: 1 Micro Nectar Collector w/ titantium heat element 1 Micro Vaped v3 Lithium-Io..
Dinosaur Spoon
Dinosaur spoon. ..
Darby Glass 2 Chamber Straight Tube
Darby Glass. 2 chamber straight tube. 14 mil. Worked slide. Tree percs. ..
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Spoon. ..
Kind Tray Pen Tray
Kind Tray Pen Tray.  Can hold your vape and makes it easier to carry around without any mess. ..

Docs Smokeshop