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Marcel Venetian Slide
14mm Marcel Slide. Venetian design that he's famous for.  Black on bottom, orange and teal Vene..
Ski Mask Slide
14mm slide by Ski Mask. ..
Ben Burton One Eyed Slide
Ben Burton 14mm slide.  One eyed, tentecaled, teethy, crazy piece. ..
Matt Murtha Recycler Rig
Matt Murtha Recycler Rig. Tri knot, 3 hole diffusion, 14 mil. ..
Prism Glass Works Slide
Mean looking Prism Glass Works Dragon Slide.  14mm ..
Texas Tubes Frosted Rig
Domeless Texas Tubes rig.  Frosted. Shower head perc. Titanium nail. ..
Ben Burton Slide
Brilliantly electroformed Ben Burton 14 mm slide. ..
Recycler Rig by Matt Murtha
Recycler Rig by Matt Murtha.   Tri Knot 3 hole diffusion. 14 mil. ..

Docs Smokeshop