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Chaka RecyclerRig
Chaka recycler rig. Worked with identifying mili. 14mm. ..
Hops Inline Robo Rig
Hops inline Robo rig. Lip wrapped in slime green. 14 mil ..
Sokol Black Banger Rig
Sokol black Banger rig. Art of War series. 10mm. Magnetic grenade. ..
Snic Electroformed Orange Rig.
Snic electroformed orange rig. 10 mm. ..
Sokol White Banger Rig
White Sokol Banger Rig. Art of War series. 10mm. ..
HOPS Robo Vortex Rig
HOPS Robo Votex Rig.  14 mil. Inline. ..
Snic Electroformed Rig
Snic electroformed rig. 10mm. ..
HOPS Mini Robo Rig
HOPS mini Robo rig.  10 mil. Inline diffusion. ..

Docs Smokeshop